Introducing Picogrid

Defend the infrastructure that powers our world.

Modular and Scalable.

  Picogrid builds AI-powered technology to monitor vast areas and protect critical infrastructure.

85% Cost Reduction.
Field teams spend their time responding to events, not searching for them.
Illegal Smuggling Detected.
Automatic alerts are dispatched to field teams within seconds.
Intrusion Deterrent.
Significant reduction in trespassing at Picogrid-monitored sites.
United States flag
American Made, Owned, and Operated.
Introducing the Picogrid Platform

One Platform for Field Ops

Automate with Picogrid.

 Replace manual patrols and inspections with AI-powered surveillance and alerts.

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Built for scale.

  Monitor sensors and control equipment over thousands of square miles.

Defend your world.

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