One Platform To Understand The Remote World

Picogrid delivers real-time visibility into the most remote areas on Planet Earth with managed hardware backed by a powerful cloud platform.

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A New Age of Wildfire

California loses billions to wildfires every year. Picogrid's technology detects remote wildfires sooner than ever before.

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Illegal fishing boat near shore
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The Global Cost of Illegal Fishing

How next generation of remote technology will help restore the livelihoods of 520 million people.

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Pipeline in remote area
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The Business Case for the Planet

Environmental compliance is not just law, it's good business. With $44 billion on the line, companies are beginning to listen.

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Picogrid Lander terminal

Designed for Mars,

Built For Earth

Unlike other systems, Picogrid makes it possible to deploy exactly the equipment you need, exactly where you need it. No matter how remote.

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One Platform For Your Team's Field Operations

Field operations involve much more than data collection. Picogrid delivers an end-to-end platform for remote data visibility—from hardened field sensor terminals to automated data insights.

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