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Picogrid's mission is to enable continuous, real-time visibility into the most remote corners of Planet Earth.

Military-Grade Hardware

We build hardware for the harshest environments on Planet Earth. Our technology thrives where humans can't.

Advanced Analytics

We make understanding your assets simple in our secure, cloud-based platform.

Human Expertise

Picogrid delivers 24/7 human support to plan, deploy, and maintain terminal constellations in the field.

Who We Are

Picogrid is an end-to-end ecosystem for understanding the most remote corners of our planet, no matter how hard to reach.

  • Islands
  • Coast
  • Desert Road
  • Forest Valley
  • Snowy Valley
  • Desert Road
  • Remote Island
  • Tundra Road

Our vision is to digitize the remaining 91% of the surface of Planet Earth that still lacks direct access to power, internet, or both.

We engineer the missing ground infrastructure to enable the widespread adoption of fast, cheap, and global satellite internet for off-grid and grid-independent enterprise, industrial, and government applications.

Picogrid is building the world's first global network of rugged power and satellite internet connectivity terminals to connect field-deployed cameras, sensors, and light industrial equipment for years at a time—no matter the existing power or connectivity infrastructure.

Ground-based remote terminal units provide an unparalleled live insight into the current state of our planet to help tackle some of humanity's most pressing challenges including wildfire detection, high-fidelity weather monitoring for food security, and the protection of our planet's wildlife and forests from poaching and illegal logging.

Join the team

Engineer the world's most advanced field technology to help digitize the remote world.